Saturday, August 05, 2006


I had my friends from work over last night. Cooked them a Hainanese Chicken Rice meal using a recipe from Chubby Hubby. Brilliant! :o). I'm really happy to have found the ultimate solution to soft, succulent chicken. Me? I'm a sucker for soft (chicken) breasts...

I just had my 6-year-old daughter ask me to draw and cut out a heart shape for her. She's in a good mood, I can tell, and we have a family date to go out the Poison Ivy at Bollywood Veggies tomorrow for lunch. We like the food there. No MSG and excessive salt. Just wholesome (organic) food, nice home-like atmosphere and interesting owner in the form of Ivy Singh-Lim. My 17-month-old boy has just changed out of his pyjama's and is urging me to "let's go" downstairs for breakfast.

I am sitting in my study, in my HDB flat somewhere near Siglap... and I'm feeling really happy. Strange, how can it be when I am not able to quantify my happiness? I feel really contented. I'm not a millionaire but I think I'm really wealthy.

My friend asked me last night if I would consider buying a private property for investment. Perhaps. But that's really not important... neither is having a huge car, or millions in the bank (although THAT would be REALLY nice)

What makes you happy my friends? Think about it and write it out. This will really help you filter all the unimportant things that are troubling you.


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