Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Touch Down

Landed in Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Airport on 27th October 2006 at 6.30pm. Squinted my eyes... oh... there she was... my dad's "good friend". Got my Pandan Leaves impounded at Taiwanese customs. Apparently you can't bring in live plants into an agricultural country.

Gave her a hug and walked to the car... and looked in.

My heart sank.

My dad, formerly very robust, was now a shadow of his former self. His body can be best described as "skeletal" but his belly is similar to mine in size, a 120kg man.

Water-retention. A clear sign that his liver and kidneys are not working the way they should be.

We start on our long slow journey to the city to pick up my sister with my dad at the wheel. He drives very slowly... occasionally swerving out of his lane, clearly in pain and discomfort. We pick up my sister some 45 minutes later.. the long journey a result of the traffic jam. Once we arrive at the restaurant, we eat in silence, allowing dad to catch his breath and for the swelling in his ankles to go down.

Once done, we send "good friend" home and proceed to his apartment. I give it a once over when we reach "home". I say "home" because it's a sorry excuse for a home. Clothes are strewn everywhere and there is no decent cookware to speak of.

The next few days would really be tough going.

*more to come later*


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