Sunday, May 07, 2006

Character Assasination

And I'm talking about my character that's being attacked, not some political figure here...

I've got a client; let's call her VBC; secured her loan last July. Can't elaborate too much, but saved her loads of money and helped her with her loan.

Fast forward to October, she sends me email : "Can you please help me get a letter of consent from the bank to allow me to do something with the property?" I get to it and she gets the letter.

Fast forward to February this year. She calls me and asks for help with the loan. I calculate. "Can't help you", I say, "your package is even better than those for brand new clients!".. "But I should be treated specially!", she says.. I told her I would try. After checking around with the relevant folks, I get back to her a few days later and tell her... the same piece of news. "Try again", she says. "If there is a need, I will talk to the relevant parties";

Fast forward to May. I get an email from someone in the bank informing me that VBC has lodged a complaint against me. The charge? "Customer claims she has been unable to reach you since she signed the loan".. my immediate reaction? I gather all my evidence.. from emails and smses and shoot off my email.. all 12 points of them...

The lady is like a worm and a chameleon; she squirms and changes the story once there is enough evidence that she's lying...

Good grief. It's so amazing.. the things some people will do or give up in order just to save a few bucks. The thing she'll do?.. It's obvious... lie... The things she would give up? Integrity.

It's wonderful that I've just come back from a 3 day silent retreat and am totally unaffected by what she's done. More on the retreat later...


Blogger boo said...

box her ears can?

vw: yssgd (yes good?)

1:56 pm  
Blogger PC said...

No need to box lah..

what's vw : yssgd?.. blur liao

4:20 pm  

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