Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The beginning...

Fasting glucose readings : Day 0 8.1, Day 1 7.6,Day 2 (now) 5.9

Lunch : Salad + Fruit. No exactly hungry, but made myself finish (mostly, anyway) the salad and the fruit.

Dinner : Ravenous. Needed something hot so made myself a carrot-onion-celery soup. Delicious. My daughter loves it too! Also had boiled okra (yummy!) and fruit.

Exercise : 30 mins on the elliptical machine. Grueling, but manageable.

Overall, Day 1 was okay. My tastebuds haven't totally acclimatized to the food yet, but again, it was okay. Fasting sugars are improving, but that's on medication. To totally improve, I need to drastically drop my weight. Why? The levels of insulin my pancreas are producing will still be more than enough for a (much) smaller body...

Rock on!


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