Monday, May 08, 2006

Funny thing happened on the way back to Singapore

Just read Kenny Sia's hilarious encounter with a Kuching traffic cop.

Reads almost like the one we had with a "Kuala Lumpur" traffic cop... located on the 2nd link... extremely near the Esso station... R-I-G-H-T...

We were rushing back from somewhere near Genting Highlands when sensing the finish line, our feet suddenly became extremely heavy.... when suddenly...

*flash* *flash*

"Oh shoot!" (I know, I can't believe my friend said this either.. but then again, he is the father of 3 children)

Rotund police officer walks over :

Police : Good evening! How are you sir?
Friend : Ok lah! Until I kenna stop!
Police : Sir, this is for your protection... for you to keep within the speed limits.
Friend : Alamak... *silence*
Police : Where did you come from sir?
Friend : KL. We were visiting your fine country!
Police : We are actually with the KL traffic police, and we are stationed on the 2nd link.
Friend : ....
Police : You are right, sir... Malaysia is very good.. even the traffic cops are very good.
Friend : ....
Police : In fact, we are so good, I will give you 2 choices. Firstly, you could choose to go to KL to pay the fine, or you could pay us a composition fine and we will pay the fine on your behalf...
Friend : Okie lah.. we take the composition fine... lah..
Police : Good sir. How much you like to pay the composition fine?
Friend : Oh, er, 50 ringgit ok?
Police : Ok boss...

And they say Singapore is a fine city.. Me? I think Malaysia also a fine city too! Somemore got very friendly traffic cops who will go out of their way to help you so you don't have to drive all the way back to KL to drop the documents.

Malaysia Boleh!


Blogger boo said...

fine also can cham-siong, how cool.

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