Sunday, July 09, 2006


I'm back.


It's been a very busy period for me... I was on leave, but still working most of the time. In fact, it's been much more stressful than when I'm at work full time. I've also started work on a (re)new(ed) project. More details about that in the next few months. Then, after I officially got back to work.. it was targets targets targets. It's been a tough time...

I've been looking on with interest at the mrbrown saga. What's happened is very evident, and no sense in debating and being sarcastic to death. The fact is, the ruling party is further distancing the very electorate that it was trying to woo this particular elections. The thing is, people will remember come the next elections. Coupled with the good work that some of the opposition parties are doing, the PAP is setting itself up for even more challenges in the future.

While the mrbrown issue was concerning a really funny (largely) satirical piece published in a newspaper, I can't help but feel that this is the beginning of the process of "managing the (internet) channel of communication" mentioned earlier by one of the new MPs. One thing I must say about Mr Brown has kept his head held high above all this.. and kept silent. That's the way to do it dude!

To date, I've consciously chosen to keep my observations of the political landscape to myself, especially when criticisms and observations by other bloggers very often reflect my thoughts. Part of the reason is that it's been my philosophy that there's no point talking an issue to death. Second? I happen to think that many of the folks at the PAP have good hearts; that their intention is to sincerely work towards a better Singapore. It's not perfect, but I believe that however the issues are discussed / handled, it would not be perfect anyway. To me, the intentions are important...

However, what with the many happenings in the political arena, I'm tempted to change and really start giving my 2 cents'. I don't know... let me think about it and let's see how it goes.

My renewed project? Well, that's taking the form of a new blog in addition to this one and will involve a lot of work over the next 12 months....

It's late now; am planning a short nap before the Finals tonight...

Go France!!!


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