Monday, September 26, 2005

Husband Training Techniques

L and I had some light banter when she saw my last post... "You so farnie... I do that meh?"

I feel I have to justify my comments.

How many of you have experienced the following :

1) You automatically do something when your wife/girlfriend makes a comment

Have you ever had your wife say... "Darling, I'm so cold"... and YOU get up from beneath your warm covers, walk all the way across the room to turn down the air con...

Heck! And you're not the one who's even cold!

"Darling... I'm so hungry"... and YOU automatically go to the kitchen to see what you can rustle up for the wifey

2) You panic when it's Valentine's Day and you haven't bought her flowers / a present / arranged dinner

So what's this significance behind Valentine's Day flowers? I've always believe this particular day was set up just so to take advantage of the guilt men feel towards their significant others : "I must do something.... otherwise she'll think I don't care anymore"...

Good grief. If you love somebody, you don't wait till a particular day to show it.

Someone I know never fails to make his wife a cup of coffee in the morning. He's one cool chap... Dick, if you're reading this, you put all of us men to shame

3) You learn NEVER to tell your wife if she's gained weight / looks under the weather

Why? Because you just don't... just ask any married man... he'll say the same thing...

I could go on and on (if I took the time to think through it all)... the point is, women have mastered their men. This is not to say that all of us (READ ==> I) are wimps and are scared shitless of our wives. It's just that they seem to have mastered our hot buttons... where to push so we'll be motivated to say and do the right things...

But then again, one other reason why we do all these things also be because we do truly love our wives. Oh darling, if you're reading this, I love you :)


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