Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Food Food Food

Remember how some time ago, I was tossing about with the idea of going of LapBanding? I had been struggling with my feelings about my food... well, the FOOD won.

I have been reading about how TONS of people have been having their weight drop off with the Atkins Diet... yeah yeah... I can hear it already "fad diet... fad diet... fat diet"... Well, if so many people have their weight eaten off (literally) ... isn't it worth trying out? Anyone tried the Atkins Diet with any real success? Anybody?

My new place is almost ready (Yeah.. the HDB hasn't come back to me, but that's a whole separate issue)... with a spanking new kitchen and oven just beckoning me...

Since my 5 year old daughter has already placed her orders to make pizza with me once we move in.. which at this point, is expected to be this Saturday, the 7th of January, I thought, why not? Let's make Low Carb Pizza! Will upload the pictures once I've tried the recipe.

This is not a Food Blog, but this is a blog about my life.. and food does play a large part (urgh.. bad choice of word) in my life.. hey.. I reckon I'll talk about my cooking once in a while... figure I'll muck around with low carb recipes... :o)

It's 10-to-2 in the morning... and I STILL CAN'T SLEEP!


Blogger boo said...

i'm also thinking about putting up recipes on my blog. life's too short to diet. enjoy yourself :)

8:36 pm  
Blogger hugewhaleshark said...

Hey there, pc. Hopped over from Mr Wang's.

I got the same prolem as you, including the pizza-making 5-year-old girl.

I adopt a barbell strategy. I only indulge in excessive calories when the food is damn good. Otherwise I go healthy. No so-so greasy beehoon for breaky for example. Two apples, coffee and a mid-morning meal replacement shake (choose well, some of these are nothing but sugar and gum). Then for lunch, if a broker is treating at Iggy's or something, now that's a different story...

9:51 pm  
Blogger PC said...

:o) welcome to my world hugewhaleshark

actually.. i could use your moniker and get away with it too..

What bars / replacement drinks do you recommend? Stuff I've tried all tasted like shite and I basically just wasted my money..

Let me see.. 2 apples, coffee and mid morning meal replacement.. oo.. that's so arnold... don't know if I could do that.. Will be starting in induction for Atkins REAL soon...

10:12 pm  
Blogger hugewhaleshark said...

Hehe. That's one way to look at it. Also because in all my life diving, I have never seen a whaleshark. Hope the kids grow up faster so I can hit the water again.

I go for GNC's Total Lean or EAS's Carb Sense (also available at GNC). I look for lower carb content (the EAS shake is higher protein), and within carbs, I look for lower sugar and higher complex carbs and fiber. Some of the common shakes are appallingly high in sugar.

Taste-wise they are OK, but definitely not as gratifying as a fried beehoon. I just default my brain, and don't think about what ELSE could I be having instead. ; )

8:02 am  
Blogger trisha said...

Is this your new year resolution?

Well, I'm not a diet person so I've got nothing to contribute.

My gynaecologist friend whom I had just met on New Yr's eve told us ladies, EXERCISE EXERCISE EXERCISE.

It's not only healthy for you, it makes you feel good. So ditch the Atkins, and hit the gym! :)

11:54 am  
Blogger PC said...


Erm. It's been my resolution for the longest time.

I know about the exercise exercise exercise bit... but can't seem to get my body to go along with it *grin*

Seriously though, I WILL exercise.. but reckon I need to lose some weight first...

4:08 pm  
Blogger hugewhaleshark said...

Three times weekly for the last six months : ) Not lost much weight, but I'm keeping the faith. For me the trick is to set that as my default mode. Sure, there are lots of things that I would rather be doing, but I don't think about that. I don't allow myself options.

Oh, the one thing you do need is an understanding other half, who will let you go 4-5 hours a week to the gym. With the kids, it's hard for both of us to go.

5:56 pm  
Blogger Mr Wang Says So said...


If you are interested, I can introduce you to what is probably, for you, a new way of losing weight ...

... hypnosis, no kidding.

Professionally trained hypnotherapist, also cures phobias; sexual dysfunctions; lack of self-esteem; insomnia; enables peak sporting performance etc etc ....

Her clinic is somewhere in Holland Village ...

4:16 pm  
Blogger PC said...

Hmm.. sounds interesting. Details?

10:00 am  
Blogger Mr Wang Says So said...

I had one session with her ... quite an experience. Not for a weight problem though, something else.

5:04 pm  

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