Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Karol.. A Man Who Became Pope

Spent the Christmas holiday watching Karol.. A Man Who Became Pope (spoiler alert) with the Missus. Had bought this disc from the Sisters of St Paul, who happened to have a stall in church one day.

This movie left me with a greater sense of the Great John Paul II.

I have always had a sense that Pope John Paul II had a great love and connection with the youth, having established the World Youth Day during his 27 years as Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. I've spoken with very young people who speak of him with love.. the question in my mind at that time was how such a connection between someone who "old" and who was so far away (as in the Vatican) was able to elicit such strong love.

Having watched the movie, I truly understand. I'm sure that there is some element of embellishment of the facts.. but in my mind, given my limited understanding of the political climate in Poland, it all makes sense.

John Paul II was a man driven, no, less, by L-O-V-E.

Love. A word so deep, but steeped in meaning. We all have our own definitions of L-O-V-E.. but what I saw in the movie reminds me of what true L-O-V-E is.

I dare say that the movie helped to cast light on this enigma of a man. I now understand why John Paul II embraced the man who shot him, calling him "Brother"...

John Paul II was also a prolific thinking, reader and writer.. having released many encyclicals during his time. It's no wonder Pope Benedict XVI has said that his papacy would be spent understanding the encyclical legacy that has been left behind.

It's funny how I only thought of wanting to know more of the man when he has left us.

I guess it's only human, isn't it?

Thank you, John Paul, for leaving the world a better place than it was when you came. Thank you for being our teacher. Thank you.


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