Thursday, December 01, 2005

My Eulogy

Following from the previous post, I am reminded of my motivation for ALL my life choices; what others will see me as, when I have left this Earth.

For so long, I have been guided by this. In my mind's eye, I see my friends, family, my work colleagues, all the people I've come in contact with, eulogizing me.

It's strange I know, but it's so much a part of me that I am no longer conscious of this.

In light of Sondra's passing, and following from Mercermachine's meme on Who Am I (which is essentially looking into one's past and present to look at the things and events that define us), I guess The Eulogy is a wonderful way of coming up with one's life compass.

My Eulogy

My family

My husband was always there for me, always with a kind word, a ready hug. He always cooked for me, lovingly preparing my favourite foods. He loved me, in thought, in action, in everything he did. He always worked hard, always for the family and for the people he served at work.

My husband was a God-fearing man. He always had time for people who needed him. But he was tough, too, when he needed to be. Underneath it all, he was driven by love.

My dad spent time with me. He was there when I struggled when I was learning how to swim. He hugged me and carried me when I needed comfort. He was strict but in a loving sort of way.

My dad left me with so many memories of our times together. He taught me to never give up and he showed me the way to deal with the pain that sometimes we see in life. My dad loved me so much, and I know he loves me still, even now.

My friends, and all the other people

PC was always ready to lend a helping hand, a listening ear... to spend time with me when I needed it most. He was really good at his work, never compromising his integrity just to earn more money. He chose to walk away from 2 careers, while extremely lucrative, just so he could look at people in their eyes and so that he could sleep well.

PC was genuine about everyone he met. If he met someone he didn't like, he would not say anything bad; he would just choose to keep his thoughts to himself.

When I met PC with regard to work, he surprised me by being very responsible. He has always said he would turn away business if it didn't benefit him. I was surprised when he actually did what he said. PC always maintained that he would never do anything to harm anyone.

All in, PC left the world a better place because of who he was.

... There's really much more to what motivates me, though some are really so private that I prefer to keep them to myself...

Once in a while, something happens to remind me about the REALLY important things in life...

What are the things that matter to you?


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