Friday, December 23, 2005

Excuse me... are you a pervert?

I'm feeling very disturbed right now... Have just heard that someone I know (knew?) just got fired because he got caught shooting upskirt photos. To be totally candid, he's not someone I know.. just a couple of weeks.. but he appeared to me to be someone with a good head on his shoulders, someone who appeared to be very meek, mild.... and overall "nice" guy.

Which brings to mind.. this thing about our "Dark Sides". Those of us who don't have these dark sides are either very pure, or very dead. Most of us do act out parts of our dark sides, most never get caught, and save for those closest to us, others never actually realize that we could be such creeps...

What is going to happen to this chap is almost too painful to think about. Apparently, the Police (whom a very civic minded member of the public called while his friend tailed the culprit)discovered other incriminating photos (some 20 odd photos) in his mobile phone. Most certainly, he'll be charged in court with Outrage of Modesty and will have to serve his time in prison.

*sigh* We guys tend to joke / admire / drool over attractively dressed ladies. But just how many of us will cross the line? Friends have confessed of imagining what these ladies look like under their clothes... I guess any hot-blooded-hormonally-charged male would.. but how many actually cross the line and try to find out? This is a good slap in the face for anyone thinking of trying these "upskirt" / soft-pornesque shots... WAKE UP! THE COST OF GETTING CAUGHT IS TOO HIGH! WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO PAY FOR THIS THRILL WITH YOUR FUTURE?

It's the penultimate day before Christmas, and such a thing has to happen... *shrug* .. Sorry for the ramblings today...

Oh.. Merry Christmas folks!


Blogger trisha said...

I hopped over here from one of Mr Wang's posts.

Now this incident of your colleague's really disturbing, not unlike the one where a poly lecturer was caught soliciting for boys in Bangkok and I, the kaypoh one, kept asking my brother (who works in the same poly as the culprit) if he knew him and what did he feel...etc.

Yes, we all have our darker sides and I suspect sometimes it is because we are lucky perhaps that we don't get caught? Well, we may not have crossed the line, but it can be equally devastating if say, someone finds out you, say, surf a porn site, for example. In my profession (ie. teaching), I think that can be pretty detrimental.

You have a very interesting blog I must say. Keep it up.

4:41 pm  
Blogger PC said...

Hi Trisha

Thanks *blush* you're the first one who's told me my blog is interesting...

Went through your blog. Sorry about your baby... :o(

As you probably figured, I'm Catholic and being catholic, we recognize that all foetuses have souls.

Yup. You'll get to meet her up there! :o)

You and your family will be in our prayers tonight...

5:24 pm  

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