Monday, January 09, 2006

Realizations... and Resolutions...

This weekend has been a stressful and tiring one.

Moved house.. (although still without the recess area).. went to church on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

The time spent in church was good... it allowed me to reflect on this past year... and on my life.

2005 was a good year.

I had done well at my work... had my second child (Hi M!)... Bought a new place and moved in... All in, a great year.

But I lost something in the process.

My dependence on God.


As I reflected, I realized that when life wasn't so good, I was much more dependent on Him.. I turned to Him on a daily basis... for strength... for support... to speak with...

But now? This was gone.. the deep conversations replaced with the typical "Hi-s".. and "Bye-s" reserved for strangers and acquaintances...

My dependence on Him? Replaced with a self belief.. that I can do it... I can do it ALL...

This weekend was good... It allowed me to realize where I had gone wrong where it had all gone right.

I'm sorry LORD...

I'm back... Let me rededicate all my efforts, my successes, my achievements, my hopes, my dreams, my fears all BACK to you.

Where it rightly should have been.... in the first place...


Blogger trisha said...

Your post made me stop what I was doing to reflect on whether I had been guilty of the same - ie. independence from God.

It is very easy to fall back on ourselves and think we can do it all, until we kena a brick wall, then we realise who the real DOER is.

I wish you a year of seeking Him and accomplishing all in His strength, to His glory.

11:35 am  

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